Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What to look for when hiring a lawyer?

It may be difficult for someone to find the right lawyer knowledgeable, willing and able to handle the legal issue that one may be faced with. So how do we chose? There are certain characteristics that you may want to find in a lawyer before you make your selection:

1- Experience is definitely on top of the list. Depending on the complexity of the legal issue, an experienced lawyer may be your safest bet;

2- With experience comes reputation. By asking around within or outside of the legal community, you may get a better sense of your lawyer's reputation;

3- Service provided by the lawyer. It is important for a lawyer to provide an adequate service to his or her clients such as returning promptly your calls, keeping you updated with any developments on a regular basis etc.;

4- Honesty and integrity. Your lawyer must inspire confidence, must deal with his or her clients in an honest fashion and not take advantage of anyone vulnerabilities.

Before you make your selection, the above characteristics are what I believe your lawyer must exhibit. You may associate more importance to one characteristic over another but the bottom line is that your lawyer delivers what he or she purports to deliver.

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