Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Concordia University ranked 33rd in the world

Ever wondered which Canadian universities best prepare its students for business leadership positions? According to a study conducted by the European École des Mines de Paris, anaylysing the development training programs of 338 universities accross the world, Concordia University ranked as the highest rated Canadian university on its world-wide ranking table.
It must be noted that Concordia University has produced the highest number of CEO's in a Fortune 500 company: André Desmarais of Power Corporation, Domenic D'Alessandro of Manulife Financial and Gerald T. McCaughey of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Being a former graduate of Concordia University, this is something to be proud about! The world's top five universities with graduates occupying a Fortune 500 position are: (1) Harvard University, (2) Tokyo University, (3) Stanford University, (4) Ecole Polytechnique of France and (5) HEC of France.
As I like to compare Concordia to McGill, according to the above report, Concordia is ranked 33rd followed on this world-wide ranking out of 338 universities and McGill is ranked.....roll the drums..... 318th!!! This reconfirms my firm belief that Concordia's business faculty is a exemplary school of business and undoubtedly among the elite in Canada.
To view the report, you can visit: http://www.ensmp.fr/Actualites/PR/EMP-ranking.pdf


Personal Injury Attorney Houston said...

Its really great! The law program conducted there is one of the best in world.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your sources are accurate. Concordia might have a better Business school, that I agree but overall, Mcgill is ranked higher on a global scale. Concordia has no law school, med school, nursing school etc. and is more a social studies oriented university whereas Mcgill offer more professional programs. I am not insulting Concordia in any way whatsoever. In fact, I love concordia, much more friendly, accessible, and focused on learning rather than shoving information in your brain. But overall, Mcgill does get better recognition.