Sunday, January 27, 2008

Business etiquette & protocol

We all know that the first impression, whether on clients, business partners, family members etc., is crucial in establishing one's credibility.  We must, therefore, make an effort to ensure that we leave a positive first impression on our clients or otherwise by adopting an appropriate business etiquette.  

To know more about (1) how to shake one's hands, (2) choosing wine but within your budget without looking cheap, (3) sitting at the dinner table, (4) politely leaving, (5) working on your visual contact, (6) memorizing one's name, (7) conversing with someone we do not know etc., you can use the services of Chantal Lacasse who's an expert in this field.  It would cost you about $1,500 for one hour of her time, not considering hall, meal and other expenses, but I believe that it is worth the investment.

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Document workflow said...

I agree. In order to achieve business success, proper etiquette is also important in a business meetings or social setting because it maintain good relationships with clients, customers and employees.